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Here are the details of how I get my connection with 1B channel. I've never been able to connect with 2B's and PAP. I have connected with 2B's with IP authentication, so I'm pretty sure it's not the hardware config on either end. In the logs I see that a "^D" is being send instead of my username.

If anyone has had any success with 2B's and PAP, or has a clue what's happening, please drop me a note.

Mine's working with: pppd version 2.1 patch level 2 (Linux 1.0.1)

You'll need a file /etc/ppp/pap-secrets that is of this form:

username    *       password
You may want an /etc/ppp/options file with something like (these can also go in your chat scripts instead):
/dev/cua1                               # COM2
Also, in the chat script, I have:


/usr/sbin/pppd connect '/usr/sbin/chat -vf a_file'
*** a_file
"" ATZ OK AT&F@B0=1%A2=95%A4=1%A98=A&M&C0@M2=P&D2\\Q3 OK ATD555-1212 CONNECT ""
I had to send ATDT5551212 then expect CONNECT to keep from disconnecting while the PAP authentication process kicked in. You'll probably need to change the init string to suit your needs. Mine is for dialing voice over data and connecting with 1B at 56K.

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Dennis Griffin  wrote:
> Good evening
> After perousing the newsgroup for several hours I noted 6 or 8 people
> with the same problem.  It seems that when connecting to an ISP using
> a PPPD script the user are able to log in and than get LCP ConfReq and
> LCP ConfAck 's loops and than PPPD just times out.  I have the same
> exact problem since changing from magicnet to  I also
> noted that when logging in using minicom I get one line of garbage and
> than carrier is dropped.  Magicnet works fine with that too. ??
> Any help would really be appreciated.  Thans in advance for any help.

I think what's happening is that you're disconnecting immediately after
connecting to your provider.  pppd then establishes a connection
with itself.  To solve this, I told my chat script to expect " "
(i.e., a space) so that it would allow the pap authentication (if
that's what's being used) to kick in before getting disconnected.

So the dialing portion of your chat script would look something like:
| "" atdt5551212 " " "" ""

[ Note: the correct thing to expect here is CONNECT . -OLT ]

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