Swap Problem with Slackware 3.0 Install


We installed Slackware 3.0 for use as a web machine. It ran smoothly for a couple of months, but after the server started to get stressed, we were getting the following errors:

/bin/sh: can't map '/lib/libc.so.5.0.9'
/bin/sh: can't map '/lib/libc.so.5'
/bin/sh: can't load library 'libc.so.5'


This indicated a memory problem - we were running out. We finally noticed that /proc/meminfo and top both reported no swap space was allocated! We're pretty sure that we did the Slackware installation correctly, so it seems that though the partition was created, the install wasn't complete.

To fix, we did the following:

  1. Make sure a swap partition exists with fdisk.
  2. mkswap -c <partition> <size>
  3. swapon <partition>

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