SOA retry value is less then maintainance interval

The following error was turning up in the logs from BIND (note the misspelling of "maintainance").
     WARNING SOA retry value is less then maintainance interval (300 < 900)
A search turned up this information:
What is the maintenance interval? Is it configurable?
The DNS at start up and at every maintenance interval checks all of the Domain defined in its "Zone Table" and finds the zone with the shortest Refresh interval ( this is set in the SOA record ) and sets the "Maintenance Interval" to that value. But, under no circumstances will the interval go below 15 Minutes. So, for our customers who want to control the maintenance interval can do so by controlling the refresh value in the SOA records of their domain files. Note this search for the lowest refresh rate includes any zones that the DNS might be acting as secondary to.

This information was taken from and is reproduced here since the link is no longer valid.

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